Big Improvements Coming To Google Photos

As part of the Google event today, the company spent a good amount of time explaining the new features that are coming to Google Photos.  The app, which was launched just a handful of months ago, already has 20 million users and more than 50 billion photos have been uploaded according to Google.  With all of those users, undoubtedly there have been further enhancements and improvements that have been requested and now it looks like Google has been listening.

The first big update coming is the ability to share and subscribe to albums on your Google Photos account.  If you have a photo album you want to share with friends and family, you can use the share function and send a link to that album.  In turn, users can add photos of their own to that album and can subscribe to that album so they can see any new photos added to it through a notification in the Google Photos app on their Android devices or iOS devices.

Secondly is a deep integration into Chromecast.  Now you can share photos through a Chromecast device and even navigate your photos while you are showing a photo on your television.  This

Google Photos for Android

Google Photos for Android

allows you to share a photo with friend or family without everyone having to crowd around your phone or tablet.  In fact, you can even give guests the ability to cast photos.

Lastly, there is also a big improvement around searching for photos in your Google Photos.  You can now label photos and then leveraging the machine learning in the background from Google to do more compound and comprehensive searches of your photos.  So for example, if you label a photo of me as I am skiing, you can label that photo appropriately and then simply do a search for “Clinton Skiing” and it will find photos of me and only those of me skiing.

These updates are going to be rolling out on the Google Photos website first and there will be an Android app update later this week.  The update to the iOS version of Google Photos will be coming in a few weeks.

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