Bits Watch Face Gets A Major Update

When Android Wear 1.3 was announced a few weeks back, one of the key new features were interactive watch faces.  The first such face, Bits Watch Face, offers a great cluster view of the things that are important to you and frankly, is my personal favorite interactive face.  Now Bits Watch Face has seen its first major update and it is certainly qualifies as major.  The update is build 1.1.0 for those keeping score at home and brings a host of bug fixes and feature enhancements.  The update is free but remember, if by chance you have not seen Android Wear 1.3 hit your smartwatch, the interactive nature of this watch face or any other won’t work.

Bits Watch Face for Android Wear – Free – Download Now

The fist big change to the Bits Watch Face is the new digital time instead of analog.  According to the release notes, “We were overwhelmed by your desire for digital time and we made it happen. Don’t worry, we still have analog!”  The update gives you the choice now between digital or analog and with this style of watch face, I think the digital readout works much better.

Bits Watch Face

Bits Watch Face

In addition to the digital clock, you now have other complications (the little widgets around the clock that you tap to get more details) such as missed caller ID and the battery level on your phone (which it gets through the Android Wear app on your phone).

Finally there are new styles in the Bit Watch Face app that you can select.  There was already a wide range in the app but now you have two new ones (Aobriginal and Optical) plust a few more background and accent colors.

The update is good news for a lot of reasons but most importantly it is clear that the developer ustwo is listing to feedback and secondly they are making updates and making them fast.  Android Wear and the Bits Watch Face were only announced two weeks ago so for their first major update to come so fast, it promises a bright future for the app.

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