Google Clock for Android Gets A Major Update

Earlier this week, Google dropped a pretty big update to Google Clock in the Play Store.  While most of us look at clock apps as pedestrian and not very exciting, this update to Google Clock actually brings a lot of new functionality and features that will make this utilitarian app a bit more useful and personal.  The update is build 4.2 for those keeping score at home and is available for both Android phones and tablets.

Among the changes in this update is the ability to have your alarms gradually increase in volume so you are gently notified or awaken instead of being jarred awake by a blasting alarm.  Speaking of alarms, you can now also select your favorite ringtone as your alarm sound instead of the standard ones the app offered previously.

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In this update to Google Clock you now have the option to preemptively dismiss alarms within the app.  If you wake up early for example, you can dismiss your wake up alarm quickly and easily

Google Clock for Android

Google Clock for Android

within the app.

Perhaps the feature I personally am most excited about is the support for Android Wear that has come in this update.  Now you can easily control alarms and timer management from your smartwatch as well as interact with alarm notifications.  This to me seems to be a very natural extension of the app given that you will often have your smartwatch on during the day and can manipulate alarms and timers without actually having to touch your phone.

Google Clock is one of several apps that Google has released that were at one time native to Android Lollipop and Nexus devices exclusively.  As I posted back in June, Google’s releasing of these apps to a broader Android audience is critical as they push for a consistent experience across all Android devices.

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