Google Announces Accelerated Mobile Web Project

Google has announced a new open source initiative aimed at bringing speed while maintaining content richness to the mobile web.  The project, Accelerated Mobile Pages, builds on existing web technologies and relies on AMP HTML, a new open framework built from those technologies.

Today, after discussions with publishers and technology companies around the world, we’re announcing a new open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages, which aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously. We also want the same code to work across multiple platforms and devices so that content can appear everywhere in an instant—no matter what type of phone, tablet or mobile device you’re using.

The good news is that Google already has a lot of other companies signed up to help drive the project forward.

In the blog post, Google states that they have the likes of Twitter and Adobe signed up to get the AMP HTML framework accelerated over the coming months.

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android

This is the start of an exciting collaboration with publishers and technology companies, who have all come together to make the mobile web work better for everyone. Twitter,Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn are among the first group of technology partners planning to integrate AMP HTML pages.

Google goes on to say that in the coming months they will be working on how to deliver content, distribute that content more efficently and to advertising to develop the framework to support all three of these while not forcing website or publishers to completely re-write their sites or advertising platforms.  It’s an ambitious task but one that should benefit everyone once it really starts hitting the web.

You can read the full announcement on the Google Search blog


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