Google Drive Update Allows Requests For File Access

Google is rolling out a new update to the Google Drive for Android app that will add the ability for users to request permission to access a file or folder on your Drive account.  Today you can easily share content on your Drive by sending a link to someone via email, Hangouts, etc.  As Google puts it, “This release adds the ability for people using the Drive Android app to request access to Drive content links―received via email, Hangouts, etc―to which they don’t already have access.”

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Previously, if you had not given access to a file to someone prior to sending the link, the other party would get an “Unable to access” error.  Now users will have the option to request access which

Google Drive for Android

Google Drive for Android

in turn you can grant in your Google Drive app.

The update is rolling out now and the release notes for this update indicate it could be up to 3 days before you see this new build in your Google Play account. If you don’t see the update yet or haven’t received it via an OTA update, give it another day or two.

Google Drive for Android Only – For Now

Interestingly, the release notes seems to specifically point to this being a Google Drive for Android feature, making no mention of iOS.  Whether this is me simply reading something into it that isn’t there or if this is indeed an Android only feature, we’ll find out soon enough. If it is an Android only feature, it likely won’t stay that way for long.  Google has a track record of providing a new feature to Android first then rolling it out to iOS shortly there after.  Thus, as an Android user, you get the shiny new bits first.

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