Google Play Movies & TV App Update Brings Android Marshmallow Support

Google has released an update to the Google Play Movies & TV app that, amongst many changes, brings Android Marshmallow support to the app.  The update is version 3.9.20 for those keeping score at home and it is available for both Android phones and tablets.  Given that Android Marshmallow is starting to roll out today, it is a good idea to get this update so you can assure compatibility.  Note that if you already have Google Play Movies & TV installed you should get the update via an OTA over the next couple of days.

As the name suggests for those who aren’t familiar with it, Google Play Movies & TV is the app that allows you to purchase, download and stream movies and televisions shows from the Google library.  Once you make a purchase through the app or the Google Play Store, you can download it to your devices for offline viewing or you can simply stream it on your device.  The app is also Chromecast compatible and works great with the Chromecast 2015 device (You can read my review of it here).

Google Play Movies & TV – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

There are other important changes to this update of the Google Play Movies & TV app beyond the Marshmallow support. Here is a rundown from the release notes:

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV

  • Android Marshmallow support
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Easier setup for Roku devices
  • Binge watch for TV episodes

The Binge mode is quite interesting in that it will automatically start the next episode of a TV series you are watching.  This is something other apps in the category, like Amazon’s Prime Video, have been doing already so it is nice to see Google catching up with their app.

The Google Play Movies & TV app is a free app and obviously there are in-app purchases for movie rentals and purchases as well as TV show purchases.

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