How To Display The Android Marshmallow Icon Wallpaper

If you have been on any Android centric website then undoubtedly you have seen the Android Marshmallow (or previously the Android Lollipop) icon wallpaper.  This is where you have the Marshmallow logo laid over your current wallpaper on your Android device.  If you have ever wondered how that icon is found, it’s actually easy and it is in every Android device.  The even better news is that it is quite literally only a few taps away on your device.

On your Android Marshmallow tablet, go into Settings then navigate to About Phone or About Tablet.  Once there, scroll down to where you see Android version.  Now tap on that very quickly four

Android Marshmallow Icon Screen

Android Marshmallow Icon Screen

times.  Suddenly the settings on your device will disappear and you will have the Android Marshmallow “M” icon.  Tap it again and you will get the Marshmallow shaped icon complete with Android antennas.

To get back to settings just tap your back button and you will be returned to settings.

This is one of those little hidden fun things in Android Marshmallow that don’t really have a practical use per-se but is fun nevertheless.  Besides, doing this will show everyone you really are running Marshmallow and just haven’t dressed up Lollipop with wallpapers. 🙂

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