[UPDATE] Strange Notification Drawer Behavior on The Nexus 7 and Android Marshmallow

[UPDATE] This is why I love the Android community.  After posting this, several people responded over on Google+ that this is indeed a feature, not a bug.  In fact the team over at Droid Life reported on this back in May… and I just missed it.

Like many of you who have Nexus devices, I’ve upgraded both my Nexus 6 and my Nexus 7 (2013) to Android Marshmallow and so far I’ve been pretty pleased (let me know how it has gone for you by taking my site poll).  However I have noted a strange behavior with the Notification Drawer and my Nexus 7.  Before I go through the bug report process I want to see if anyone else has seen this behavior and I reserve the right to get smarter:  Did I miss a feature in Marshmallow that would cause this behavior?  Further, for you Nexus 9 owners, are you seeing the same thing too?

If you have a Nexus 7 (2013) running Android Marshmallow, turn it into Landscape mode.  Now swipe from the top center to pull down the Notification drawer.  Now do that same swipe but do it

Nexus 7 Notification Drawer

Nexus 7 Notification Drawer

towards the top right or the top left.  Did the Notification Drawer appear where you swiped, i.e., off center?  Take a look at my screen capture to see what I’m talking about to the right.

To me this feels like a bug but I’m also willing to admit that maybe this is something that Google has done by design – for now or for the future – in Marshmallow.  If it is for the now I’m willing to buy a clue.  I haven’t one on why it would do this.

I’m particularly curious if any of you how have a Nexus 7 or Nexus 9 running Marshmallow see this behavior.  Leave a commit here or on Google+ and let me know.



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