AT&T Adds Free Talk, Text and Data in Mexico

The mobile international barriers continue to fall as AT&T announces a free talk, text and data plan for their customers traveling to Mexico. Starting tomorrow, November 13th, AT&T customers on Mobile Share Value plans will be able to add free-of-charge the ability to talk, text and 1GB of data to their phones for calls within and from Mexico to the United States.  It is the latest in the battle between the national carriers to include these basic services for customers traveling to Mexico and Canada as the North America continent becomes increasingly a “roam-free” zone.

In the post from AT&T today, customers who have Mobile Share Value plans (think Family Share plans) can add this

myAT&T for Android

myAT&T for Android

free add-on to each phone on there account.  Under the plan, customers will have several international benefits including recieving unlimited text to anywhere in the world while also getting unlimited calling while you are in Mexico for calls within the country as well as back to the United States.

With the new AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus, Mobile Share Value consumer and business customers can add AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus at no monthly recurring charge, and receive unlimited texting to anywhere in the world and unlimited talk within Mexico and from Mexico to the United States.

Plus, we’re giving you 1GB of data to use while in Mexico (overage $20/GB) – all at no additional monthly recurring charge.

It should be noted that Rollover Data does not qualify in Mexico so if you have left over data on your account, AT&T will not allow you to use it while you are in Mexico to cover any overages.

For those AT&T customers who travel frequently to Mexico, this should come as good news.  That said, this offer pales in comparison to the unlimited talk, text and data that T-Mobile currently offers on their plans.  Still, it is a step in the right direction.

If you are one qualifying plan, you will need to add this free add-on to each phone on your plan you want to enable. It will not be done automatically. You can do this addition to your phones either from the AT&T website or the myAT&T app on your Android or iOS device.

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