Google Messenger Sees A Minor Update

Google’s SMS/MMS app, Google Messenger, had received a minor update to address some bugs and other performance issues.  The update take the app to version 1.6.043 for those keeping score at home and for those who use the app, its an update to make sure you have, especially if you have had any strange issues with the app.

For those who aren’t familiar with Google Messenger, it is the Mountain View company’s answer to your texting needs on your Android phone that has a rich set of features including group chats and super easy photo and video sharing.  The app is beautifully done in a Material design so if you like the look of Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, you’ll love the design of this app.  You can read my full review of it here on the site.

Google Messenger – Free – Download Now

As is always the case it seems, very little is revealed in the release notes about what bugs were fixed in this update to

Google Messenger for Android

Google Messenger for Android

Google Messenger.  Generally these types of minor updates fix some edge case issues on particular devices or device/Android version combinations.  That said, for the sake of staying up-to-date, users should download it from the Google Play Store or update it if you already have it installed.

Speaking of OTA updates, like all Google apps, you may not see this update in your Google Play Store account for another day or two as Google rolls it out.  If you have the app installed you should see the update by the end of the week for sure.

If you are looking for a easy to use but powerful SMS app for your Android phone, take a look at Google Messenger or give it another try.  I’ve alternated between several in the store and I always seem to come back to this one.  It just works and looks pretty good doing it.

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