Google Slides Update Adds Link Inserting and Subscript Text

Google’s efforts to continue to improve the suite of Google Docs apps continues as the inch ever closer to being on par with Microsoft Office.  The latest update is to Google Slides, the presentation app for Android, with the addition of some more advanced editing features as well as bug fixes and improvements. The update is build 1.2.452.11.30 for those keeping score at home and is rolling out now to the Google Play Store. If you have Google Slides installed already, you should see the OTA update for it in the next few days.

If you missed it, I did a four part series on my migration from Microsoft Office to Google Docs for my day-to-day work. At the time of those posts, Google Slides was already powerful and very close to being on par with PowerPoint.  That gap is now closed further with this update.

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While I said in the first part of this series that this migration isn’t for everyone, I do encourage to give the Google Docs suite a try. I think you will find that they can accomplish 95% of everything you need in these apps (save you power Excel types).

Google Slides for Android – Free – Download Now

The update to Google Slides adds the ability for you to insert a hyperlink into a slide easily with a tap of the + icon

Google Slides on Android

Google Slides on Android

from the editing menu. When you select a font, you can now add subscript or superscript text to a slide or bit of text.

Finally, as you would expect, there are bug fixes and performance improvements in this build of Google Slides so even if these other new features are not all that exciting to you, the update is worth picking up.

Finally, as a reminder to those thinking of moving to Google Docs, any file you create does not count against your Google Drive store (while PowerPoint and other Office files do) and you can easily convert Google Doc files to Microsoft formatted files for those who don’t use Google Docs.

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