Androidify App Gains Some Holiday Cheer

If you are an Android user then you probably already know about the Androidify app.  For those new to the platform or if you haven’t heard of it, the Androidify app allows you to build your own Android character that is befitting to you. Think of it as your Android avatar where you can change the character to a more fitting version of you to share with others.  To the right you can see mine

Clinton Androidify Character

Clinton Androidify Character

it all its glory.

With the holiday season upon us, Google has released an update to the app that allows you to add some festive cheer to your character.  Through the additions of accessories and of course a very ugly holiday sweater, you can get your Android character ready for the holidays.

The update has brought several new things like sweaters, hockey skates, ski goggles, Google Cardboard, a new stocking hat, a new leave scarf, a hot cocoa accessory to hold and of course the new Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and a Chromebook to hold.  This isn’t the whole list, there are a lot more, so get the app and explore it while having some fun.  So yes, you can make a very personal, it’s-like-me character or you can make your alter ego.  Either way, it’s a bit of fun.

Once you have created your holiday Androidify character, you can share that out via social networks or save it to your Google Drive via the share function.

The app is a free app and you can create as many characters as you like not only for the holidays but all year round.  The app is designed for Android phones but as long as you have Android KitKat or higher, you can have a bit of fun with the app.

Androidify for Android – Free – Download Now

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