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Wednesday if you caught up on the site I posted that there is a new version of Chrome for Android that has been released.  You can read that post for some of the nitty-gritty but it is mostly aimed at security fixes, performance enhancements and other under-the-hood updates.  There was however one new feature and it is one that I suspect a lot of readers will appreciate.  The bookmarks and recent history tabs have moved out of the menu and onto the main screen when you start the app.

Previously, when you want to open up your bookmarks or you want to find a site you had visited in your history, you had to use the menu in the upper right corner of the display.  It was a bit of a pain honestly as it put you a step removed from quickly being able to access them.  The Chrome team apparently felt the same way.  In this update they have both moved to the bottom of the screen so you can access either with just one tap.

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If you tap the bookmarks button at the bottom left you will get your full list of bookmarks on your device (or if you sync them with Chrome on your Chromebook, PC or Mac you will see all of your bookmarks) where you can select

Chrome For Android New Bookmarks & Recents Shelf

Chrome For Android New Bookmarks & Recents Shelf

and immediately go to a saved site.  Likewise, on the bottom right is the recent history tab which will allow you to revisit sites you have been to on your device.  Again, if you sync with Chrome, you will also see places you have visited on other devices so you can go to them from the device you are currently using.

As I put in the update post, if you already have Chrome installed on your Android phone or tablet, the OTA update should be coming to you any time now if it hasn’t already.  You will know if you have already received it if you look on the main start page (assuming you haven’t changed it) and see the tabs at the bottom.


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