Google Gives More Info On Music, TV and Actors

Today the Google team has rolled out a great improvement to the search results on your Android phone or tablet.  Now when you do a search of a band, actor or actress, TV show or Movie, you get a significant amount of more information about them than just the search results themselves.  The update was announced on the Inside Search blog and it is a behind-the-scenes update from the company.  That means it is working now for everyone on Android devices and soon will work for iOS Google Search.

If you search for a band, you will see an overview of that band, albums and photos of the band, see songs information, links to videos of the band of particular songs, their discography and you are a tap away from playing their music from sources like YouTube, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.  It is a great way to help you identify more music from a song you have heard or if you have a favorite band (Rush fans unite!) you can get all kinds of great information on them.

Google Search Also Gives You Details on Your Favorite Actors

Don’t tell my wife but I have a crush on Natalie Dormer. Now I can get not just her Wikipedia information but I can

Google Search New Information on Actors

Google Search New Information on Actors

Google Search New Information on Bands

Google Search New Information on Bands

also see what other movies and TV shows she has been in throughout her career.  Much like searching for a band, you get not just biographical information but where you can find that actor or actress on the small and big screen.

Let’s say you want to look up information on a movie you have recently seen (Mad Max Fury Road for me), now I can get overview information, critic ratings, cast information and links to where I can buy or rent the movie.

This kind of information at your fingertips is exactly what Google search is all about.  It’s not just about indexing webpages put providing powerful content to you at your fingertips.  In just the little time I have played with this today, it is awesome and I think you will all find it really useful and fun.

There is nothing you need to do as an Android user to get this new search information.  Just go to Google Search on your phone (if you are using the Google Launcher then just search at the top of your screen), look up your favorite band and enjoy!

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