Google Now On Tap In Google Play Store

One of the big additions to the Google Now launcher and Android Marshmallow has been Now on Tap.  With this new feature, you can tap and hold the home button on your Android phone or tablet and get contextual information about what it is you are reviewing on your device.  The idea and first implementation was around Google Chrome so if you were viewing a website, you could get more granular information about that site.

The good news is that Google is expanding Now on Tap and it works in the Google Play Store app on your phone or tablet. If you are in the Play Store app and looking at an app, tap and hold your home button to pull up the Now on Tap information.  The context you get will vary from app-to-app.  For games I generally found that you would get links to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  On some developers I also got a link to the developer’s site to check out the app or others they may offer.

Now on Tap Growth Expected in 2016

The addition of the Play Store being Now on Tap enabled is certainly a good thing and it should be the first of many

Now On Tap in The Google Play Store App

Now On Tap in The Google Play Store App

over the course of 2016.  Developers today can enable the function in their apps and Google is certainly working to make it happen within their own apps.  As with anything like this though, the adoption rates tend to be slow at first.

Just a final note on this in case it wasn’t clear before:  You have to have the Google Now Launcher and Android Marshmallow to have Now on Tap.

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