Google Plus Web Preview Sees More Improvements

There are times when you write something for your site and 2 hours later another new thing for that subject comes out in the news.  BUT it is good news and fits in line with the whole point of my Google Plus is not dying post earlier.  Google’s Luke Wroblewski has posted on his Google+ that there are several key updates being rolled out to the Google Plus web version over the course of the next few days.  Some of these changes were minor but others are kind of a big deal.

Here is the list of changes that Luke outlined in his post:

  • Visible links to categories on Community pages
  • Auto-play of animated GIFs (with a setting to turn on/off)
  • Ability to pin posts within Collections
  • Clearer indication of notifications on the home stream
  • Warning to ensure you don’t lose new posts when changing pages

If you don’t see these in your Google Plus on the web, don’t panic.  It may take a day or two to show up.

Google is Responding to Google Plus Feedback

One of the point that Luke makes in his post is how critical feedback is for the success of G+.  With a built in and easy to use feedback button in the menu, it is a great way to send the team information on how your experience has been as well give feedback on features you would like to see.  As he writes,

Some of these changes were unanimously requested (people want community categories visible!). Others required us to strike an appropriate balance between opposing feedback (some people love animated GIFs, others don’t!). In all cases, we really appreciate your thoughts so please keep them coming using the Send Feedback menu item.

Ultimately is will be the users of Google Plus that shape how it looks and feels.  This is a good thing and certainly shows that this is not a dead end product for Google.