Harry Potter Finally In The Google Play Store

Harry Potter fans, rejoice.  For the first time and some would say a bit too long, the entire book series and movies from the popular series are now available from Google.  You can pick up any of the 7 books for $8.99 each while the 8 movies for as low as $9.99.  All of the motion picture sound tracks are available too so you can complete that collection too.

There have been a few books, movies and shows missing from Google and certainly the J.K. Rowling wizard adventure series has been one of them.  With the books at a reasonable price of $9, you won’t break the bank (nor will your kids) getting all of them and with all of them available before the holidays, they make a great gift too.

Harry Potter in the Google Play Store

Harry Potter Movies Available As A Bundle

If you want to get all of the movies in one shot, Google has also put together a nice little bundle to do that.  $69.99 for

Harry Potter Books in The Google Play Books Store

Harry Potter Books in The Google Play Books Store

the SD versions or $84.99 for the HD versions, you can pick up all 8 movies in the series.  Given each movie is $9.99 in SD, you are basically getting one movie for free if you were to buy them separately.  Once you have them in your library, you can download or stream them to your phone or tablet as well as your Chromecast for everyone to enjoy.

Currently there is no book bundle available in the Google Play Store.

So Potter fans, grab some Butterbeer and snuggle in for a good read or watch!

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