LG G4 on Sprint Has Android Marshmallow Coming Soon

Good news from Sprint this morning for those of you who have an LG G4 on their network.  The Android Marshmallow update is rolling out to devices starting today and while it will be a phased, users should see the update in a matter of days.  The new build version from Sprint is LS991ZV9 and brings Marshmallow 6.0 to the G4 along with Sprint Global Roaming capabilities.

The good news is once again that the updates to Marshmallow appear to be taking far less time to roll out than Lollipop ever achieved and while some carriers are still dragging their feet on it (AT&T, I’m looking at you), they too are getting updates out much faster than before.  T-Mobile here in the US has probably been the best example of it.

There are some big benefits to for LG G4 owners who get the update including what I think is the killer feature of Marshmallow, Doze, along with some other nice new features.  You can read my review of Android Marshmallow to get the highlights of the release.

LG G4 Owners Can Force A Check For The Update To Marshmallow

As a G4 owner you have a couple of options.  You can wait until Sprint taps your phone on the shoulder and gives it the upgrade or you can manually check and see if you can speed up the process.



While there is no guarantee it will, it never hurts to try.  Just go to Settings>About Phone>System Update to see if it is available and to manually check for it.

Given that this is an OS upgrade, it is recommended that users have a back up of anything photos, documents, etc stored on their phone just in case things go a bit wonky (technical term).

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