More Updates To The Google Plus Site

Over the weekend, Google released some more tweaks and enhancements to Google Plus. The updates are the second that the site has seen in as many weeks and were outlined once again by Google’s Luke Wroblewski on his Plus account.  The changes have all be based on user feedback of the new user experience on the social site which technically is still in beta but open to anyone.  The new experience is aimed at bringing communities together on the site, one of the key reasons I was drawn to the services and what keeps me there on a daily basis.  In his post, Luke outlines the range of updates that are available on the web, all of which have rolled out now.

  • +1 comments with one click using the action that appears when you hover over each comment

  • View precisely when posts were made with the full timestamp on post pages

  • Provide additional details when reporting abuse on posts. (I recognize this adds an additional click or two but the added information we collect helps us ensure G+ remains a great place to connect around shared interests.)

Along with the description, he also posted an image of the changes which I have linked to after the break below.

Keep in mind that the changes that are being discussed here are the web site only.  While it is likely that some of these will filter to the Android app, don’t look for these changes there just yet.  And, to be fair, some of them are aimed at desktop users like the +1 hover.

Google Plus Website Changes

Google Plus Website Changes

If you have been using the new Google Plus, be sure to keep your comments, feedback and suggestions going to the Google team.  Clearly they are listening to that feedback and implementing changes are a fairly rapid pace.   If there is something you love or hate, let them know.  That’s the only way the site, app and service will ultimately improve.

Finally, keep in mind that the website is still a bit buggy as it isn’t the production release.  Think of it as a beta so you will find things from time to time that don’t work or work a bit wonky (technical term).  Be sure to send that feedback to the team but if the bugs are just to much, you can always revert back to the old Google Plus until the update is ready for prime time.

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