Netflix Adds In-App Voice Support Calling

In the latest update to their Android app, Netflix has brought users a unique but handy feature.  If you need support with the app or your service, you can talk to a support representative directly from within the app.  No more switching to your phone app or calling on another phone to get help.  It is something that Netflix teased back in October as a way to differentiate their support over other streaming media services.  Given the somewhat lackluster support that many apps seemingly have today, it is good to see at least one take customer service seriously enough to make it easy for you to make a phone call to them.

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Netflix Support Calls Happen Over Your Internet Connection

To get to the support call option, go to the Menu>Call Help Center in the app.  There you will see a screen with a large green button for you to press to place the call.  The call doesn’t happen over

Netflix Help Center Calling

Netflix Help Center Calling

your cellular connection but rather over your Internet connection as a Voice over IP (VoIP) call.  Once you are connect, the representative can help you with your account or any issues that you may be having with the app.  You will also see several links to frequently needed help items on this call page.

The battle for your streaming media attention and dollars is raging and this move by Netflix will certainly draw some attention, especially considering that this is available to all account holders regardless of what level you happen to be with them.

Netflix has plans starting at $7.99 per month and you can sign up for service from within the app on your Android phone or tablet. If you have not tried the service before, you can sign up for a 30 day trial and you can cancel at any time.

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