Music Freedom Service From T-Mobile Adds New Streams

T-Mobile has added 11 new streaming music services to their already impressive Music Freedom service.  In case you are not familiar with it, T-Mobile allows you to stream music over LTE without consuming any of your monthly data allotment.  If you remember, last month they added video stream in a similar package named Binge On.  Essentially, as long as you are streaming content from the providers listed by T-Mobile, you won’t be charged for your data usage.  It’s an awfully impressive program and certainly puts the pressure on the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint here in the US who do not offer anything similar in size.  Whether you like them or not, T-Mobile is certainly causing a disruption.

When the carrier started Music Freedom there were only 7 services included.  With the addition of these new services added, it is up to 44.  The good news for Android users, Google Play Music is on that list so you can stream your library while you are on-the-go care free over your data usage.

T-Mobile Music Freedom Has Nearly All The Major and Minor Music Streaming Players

With the new additions yesterday, the list of companies that you can stream music from without touching your data is impressive and really covers just about any major player out there.  From their website, here is the complete list of services you can stream:

Google Play Music is on T-Mobile Music Freedom

Google Play Music is on T-Mobile Music Freedom

If you are looking at carrier alternatives, love streaming music and Project Fi is not an option for you, it might be time to think about T-Mobile.

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