WordPress Brings Stats Bearing Widget to Android

If you have a blog that you run on WordPress (Clinton raises his hand), then you probably already know about the WordPress app for Android.  There is a new update out for that app, version 4.7 for those keeping score at home, that brings a handy new home screen widget to your phone or tablet.  Now instead of having to go into the app itself to see how your site(s) are performing on the day, you can have this new widget to give you that information at a glance.  It’s quick and simple and when you combine it with other site centric content like AdSense, you have one page on your home screen that lets you know how things are going.

To use the new widget you will have to have a WordPress account and if you are self hosting your site, you will have to log in to that site through the app if you want to be able to edit on-the-fly through the app.  The idea of course is that you can add quick posts and other content to your site without having to actually touch a PC, Mac or Chromebook to do so.  While the app isn’t as flexible as the WordPress admin pages, it will get the job done, especially if you need to make a quick post.

WordPress for Android (Free) – Download Now

WordPress Home Screen Widget Gives You Today’s Stats Only

The 5×1 widget is adjustable in size but not in content.  It will only provide you information on your site for the day:  Views, Visitors, Likes and Comments.  If you want to look at the week, month

Wordpress Home Screen Widgets

WordPress Home Screen Widgets

or year in total you will need to go into the app itself.  You can access the full app just by touching the widget.  To the right is a screenshot of how I have the widget on my Nexus 6 (stats blanked out) to give you a feel for how it looks on your device.

For those of you who have not used the app, it is free and all you need to use it is a WordPress account to start blogging away on that thing you are passionate about.  If you do have the app, you can expect the OTA update to hit your devices over the course of the next couple of days.  When it does, give the widget a try and see what you think.

WordPress for Android (Free) – Download Now

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