Google Pushes New Look Weather in Google Now

Google has pushed their new look weather information sheet to Google Search and Google Now for Android Phones.  You may have heard about this in recent weeks as Google has been experimenting with it and had pushed it out to some users.  Today via a post on the Google Inside Search blog, it was announced and rolled out to everyone.  You can access it several different ways.

First, you can use Google Search on your Android phone and search for your local weather or weather in another city.  Second, you can tap the weather panel in Google Now and get it for the city you have configured in the app.  Third, you can use “OK Google” to use phrases like “What is the weather outside?” or “What is the weather in Denver?” to get the new card.  Once you do get to it, there is a huge amount of information on the sheet and frankly, it’s pretty awesome.


By default in Google Now, you will get the weather information for the day including the high and low temperatures and current conditions.  You can then use the down arrow at the bottom of the sheet to open up the full page and get a wealth of information.  First, you can get the weather information for tomorrow and a 10 day forecast by using the tabs at the top of the sheet.  This page

New Weather Sheet in Google Now

New Weather Sheet in Google Now

will change in color and the graphics shown based on the conditions outside.  In my case, because it is sunny today here in Denver, it is blue. Second, if you scroll down, you can get information like the Dew Point, atmospheric pressure, UV index and visibility.  Below that you will find an air quality meter and finally a sunrise & sunset graphic that lets you know the sunrise, sunset and hours of sunlight you will get today.

If you are searching for a city other than your home or work city, you can add that to your list of cities that Google Now will remember for quicker reference later on.

In fact the app is so complete, if it had a radar image, it would easily replace most of my needs for a weather app on my phone.

From an end user perspective, there is nothing you need to do to get this new look weather information.  It is a back-end server change by Google and your existing Google Search and Google Now apps on your phone will get it to you.  Also note, this is only working on phones for the moment.  If you do the same search on your Android tablet, you will get the old version of the weather sheet.

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