Map of T-Mobile 700MHz Coverage

For T-Mobile and Project Fi subscribers, there has been a lot of discussion around T-Mobile’s LTE Band 12.  This coverage from the carrier is in the 700MHz frequency range and is really helpful for those in urban areas (gets through buildings a bit better) and rural regions (goes out from the tower a bit further).  While most of know that T-Mobile has the 700MHz range, there hasn’t been a huge amount of information on exactly where it is rolled out in the US.  Most of the time those of us on Fi or T-Mobile simply depend on other users who post “I have Band 12 in such-and-such city” to know if it is there or not.

Now your life just got a little easier.

Spectrum Gateway is a site that gives great insight into T-Mobile’s network coverage but they have a specific area that is dedicated to the 700MHz range to show you were it is available here in the United States.  Not only that, the map shows you where the carrier has applied for coverage but does not have it just yet. It is a wealth of information and can really help you as you plan a trip to know if you can expect Band 12 on your devices (assuming it supports it) as you travel.

As you review the map on the Spectrum Gateway site, you will notice a couple of key things.  First, the areas in red are areas that 700MHz is licensed by T-Mobile and for the most part, will be in use.  If you see an area with a 12 icon, that means it has been fully deployed in that area.  If you see an orange area outlined in blue, that is an area where T-Mobile has applied to use the spectrum but it is still waiting for FCC approval.  Finally, you will also see a few areas where there is a circle around what looks like an antenna icon.  Those are areas where the spectrum cannot be used as it

T-Mobile 700MHz Coverage Map

T-Mobile 700MHz Coverage Map

interferes with television station 51 in those areas.  In general, it won’t be available in those circle areas until the stations move to another station (frequency).

You can click on the map and easily zoom into your area, seeing where towers are generally located and if they are supporting Band 12.

The challenge with this information is of course keeping it up to date and the site was last updated in October of last year.  That isn’t terribly old but I would suspect there are some areas that have coverage but haven’t been identified on this map just yet.  As I posted last week, T-Mobile has big expansion plans for the 700MHz frequency in 2016 so I fully expect this map to update with a lot more coverage as we go throughout the year.

Regardless, a wealth of information on this map and this site for Project Fi and T-Mobile users.

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