Verizon Rolling Marshmallow Out To LG G3

While the news has not come directly from Verizon, multiple sources are reporting that users of the LG G3 on the US-based carrier are starting to see Android Marshmallow come to their devices via an OTA update.  The original source of the news came from Reddit and the original poster included a screen image of the update on their device.  If this is legitimate, this is really good news on a lot of different levels.  First, it is reasonably fast for a carrier to get the update out.  It’s not great but it is certainly better than Verizon has done in the past on updates.

Second, and perhaps equally as important, the update appears to be Android Marshmallow build MRA58K which is the January 2016 update.  That means that this update to the LG G3 is going have the latest security updates from Google.


If you are a Verizon LG G3 customer, you are looking for software update VS98546A to hit your device.  The update is a phased roll out to devices so it could be a week or more before you actually

Android Marshmallow Icon Screen

Android Marshmallow

see the update hit your device.  Patience, as always, is the key when it comes to getting these major updates.  You can expect the download to be hefty – 700MB plus – so you will most certainly have to be connected to Wi-Fi to download it.

Unfortunately for those of you who have the G3 and are not on Verizon, the wait for Marshmallow continues for you (which frankly is what makes this story even more strange).  Unlocked versions of the phone have not received the update yet in masses.  LG has been testing it in some European countries but a global roll out has not happened just yet.

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