Chrome OS Update Now Available With Latest Fixes

Yesterday I posted about a security fix that was released for the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.  As I suggested in that post, an update to Chrome OS shouldn’t be far behind it and this morning, it is now out.  The update is build 48.0.2564.116 (Platform version: 7647.84.0) and it is available for all devices that run the platform.  As was the case yesterday on the browser, the Chromium team is not releasing full details of everything that was addressed in the update until a majority of devices have the update installed.  Once that happens, usually in a week or two, you can go to the Chromium blog to get the gory details on what was fixed.

Interestingly, Google did post in the release that they will hold back the security information if a 3rd party libraries have not been fixed by their developers.  In the release there is one major issue address which was CVE-2016-0728 Kernel keyring refcount leak.   Given that it is a Kernel issue and Google is specifically calling out 3rd party libraries, the two likely go hand-in-hand.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS

As a user of the OS, the update will be pushed to your devices automatically.  However, you can always check for and get the update manually by going to Settings>About Chrome OS and use the Check for Update button.  This will push the update to your device and it will require a restart of your Chromebook or other Chrome OS device.  As with all updates to the platform, I recommend getting this installed on your devices as soon as you can.

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