Chrome Update Out With Critical Flaw Fix

The Chromium team has released an update to the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that all users will want to update to as soon as possible.  The update is build 48.0.2564.116 and it has been released for download.  The critical update fixes issue CVE-2016-1629: Same-origin bypass in Blink and Sandbox escape in Chrome.  Users of Chrome will have the update to pushed to them automatically but you can force the update in the browser by going to Settings>About.  In the course of the writing of this post, I received the update on my Windows 10 PC so it is for sure rolling out.

As with most other updates, there are other fixes that are in the build but they are not disclosed at this time.  Google usually doesn’t release the full security brief until a majority of user have downloaded the update.  They do this for security reasons (they are, after all, telling you about a security exploit) but you should be able to check out the Chromium blog in the next week or

Google Chrome for PC

Google Chrome for PC

so and get all the gory details.

As a general rule, when an update like this is released for the browser, Chrome OS also sees an update shortly thereafter.  So far there isn’t a new OS build out but I expect we will see that later today or tomorrow.  There should also be an update to the browser for Android as well but again, so far that hasn’t hit the store.  That too will come as an OTA update for those who already have it installed on their phone or tablet.

If you haven’t tried out Chrome, you can do so at

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