Google Clock Update Brings Improved Widgets

Google has released an update to their utility app Google Clock.  As the name suggest, it allows you to have a clock and date on any of your home screens on your Android phone or tablet via a Widget.  These very widgets are the main focus of this update to the app which is now up to version 4.3 for those keeping score at home.  In previous builds, the Widgets for the app were pretty rigid.  You couldn’t really resize them well, especially if you wanted a small clock.  That’s changed with this update as now the Widget is very flexible on sizing and layout.  You have two Widgets as you did previously:  One for an analog clock and one for a digital clock.

The other big news in this update is a drop shadow has been added to the digital clock widget.  Depending on who you ask, this is either an improvement or a step back and the reviews in the Google Play Store are certainly mixed.  I for one use as large widget for my Nexus 6 (see the screenshot) so for me, the new look font is a nice touch.  But for those who liked a large widget but a

Widget Resizing in Google Clock

Widget Resizing in Google Clock

small font, not so much.  To be honest, you can resize the widget to get the size back down to one you like (thanks to a more flexible widget) but just go into knowing that you are going to see a huge clock when you first update the widget.

Google also states in the release notes that there are a few other minor fixes in this update to Google Clock but doesn’t detail any of them.

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