Google Forms Updated With More Granular Details

The Google Forms team announced today several enhancements to the online service.  If you aren’t familiar with Forms, it is a great free tool that allows you to create anything from a formal survey, a party invite RSVP list or even a feedback form.  It is a great tool that has a huge number of templates already pre-built for you to use.  You can check it out at  That said, the team announced today that in addition to getting the overall responses to a form (which you have always been to do), you can now see individual responses from those who have replied.

The idea is that if you send out a form that you can view the individual responses to a question you asked.  It is great for things like team surveys or an RSVP list.  In addition to this, Google has

Google Forms

Google Forms

also added some features to manage responses.

We’ve also added a couple of new features to help with managing responses: the option for you to receive email notifications each time one of your Forms is filled out and for our Google Apps for Work customers a new view that will show you the response status of each person you sent the form to. If you want to give those last few folks a friendly nudge, there’s an easy Send Reminder Email option.

Finally, like you can do with Docs, you can now add-on’s and App Scripts to Forms such as Forms Publisher.


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