Google Offering 2GB of Free Drive Storage For Completing A Security Checkup

In an effort to continue to have users keep their accounts safe and secure, Google is offering anyone who goes through a security checkup 2GB of free Google Drive storage.  The offer is in conjunction with the Safer Internet Initiative which officially is tomorrow.  However, you can take the check up now and get the free Drive storage today.  It is a painless process really and should only take a few minutes to complete.  Once it is done, Google will add the extra storage to your account which will be to your Drive account immediately.


To go through the checklist, navigate to and click on the Security Checkup option.  This will walk you through the checklist which will include a review of several different elements of your Google account.

  • Recovery Options
  • Devices connected to your account like Chrome, Chrome OS, Android devices and Windows.  Really, anything that has access to your Google account

    Security Bonus on Google Drive

    Security Bonus on Google Drive

  • Services that have permissions to your account like apps, games, etc.
  • Your 2-step authentication setup and recovery options

Once you have gone through and checked everything, the 2GB of extra storage will be added to your account after you click the Done button.

While the free storage space is a nice-to-have, the reality is that we should all be checking our account regularly.  This is a good incentive to get on it and get it done.

There is no indication on when this promotion will end so take a few minutes to check it out so you don’t miss out on some free storage.

Thanks to fellow Google Photos Top Contributor Kojo Eghan for sending this along!

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