Google+ Web Version Now Shows When New Updates Are Available

I’m a big fan of Google+ and in fact it is where you will find me most of the time these days over Facebook or Twitter.  I’ve posted on the service several times in the past few weeks as it continues to improve and becomes more community centric.  It seems nearly on a weekly basis that improvements are made to the website and every few weeks to the Android app for it that improve the experience or performance of them.  Today there is a new little update out on the website that may not seem like a big deal but as a user, it is a nice improvement.


The update is a small indicator at the top center of the page that lets you know when new updates from those that you follow have been posted.  It is very similar – in fact identical – to the little notification you see on the Facebook website.  It’s just red instead of blue. 🙂  Now you can tap that little icon and it will scroll up to show you the latest updates to the site.  Simple, but effective.

Up until now, if you wanted to see updates on the site you would have refresh the page all together in your browser.  Not that big of a deal but it was a distraction because you will have to wait for

New Notifications in Google+

New Notifications in Google+

the site to completely reload.  This update brings a much more polished feel to the site but equally, is just a better user experience.  We are all use to seeing this type of notification so it only makes sense that Google+ has it too.

There is nothing for you as a user to do.  It is a back end update from Google and should appear automatically for you when you load up the site for the first time today.

If you aren’t following me on Google+ you can do so at this link.

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