More Improvements Come to Google+ for Android

The improvements to Google+ for Android continue to roll and the latest update once again addresses a lot of bug fixes and improvements.  News of the new 7.3 version came via Google’s Luke Wroblewski on his Google+ profile and outlines a significant number of changes that are happening in the social network & community app.  The update has been pushed to the Google Play Store but it may be a day or two before all users see it on their devices.

From a fixes and issues perspective, there are a total of 14 identified items that were fixed.  10 of these items are general bug fixes while the remaining 4 focus on accessibility issues that were addressed.  As usual, these bugs were fixes that were reported by users so for those who continue to provide the feedback, the efforts you have put into make the app better are seen in these fixes

Google+ 7.3 for Android Updates

Google+ 7.3 for Android Updates

as well as other improvements.

Perhaps one of the best new features is around notifications.  Previously you could only view your notifications in totality and only the new ones without having to do a lot of tapping to get to them. That changes in this build with a drop down menu now giving you the option to view All, Unread & Other notifications much more easily.   Another big change is the ability to delete multiple items in the Activity Log at once.  Previously you could only delete items one at a time but now you can use a check box to select multiple items at once.

For those of you who manage Communities within Google+, you have some new tools too when it comes to moderation.  Now from within the app you can view your queue of things that need to be moderated, review and remove posts and ban users from the Community.  Until this point you could do these things only from the web version of Google+.  This is a nice step for those of us who do have Communities that we moderate as we can do this on the fly without necessarily having a PC in front of us to do it.

Like your general feed in the app, the top bar will now automatically hide when you are scrolling Collections & Communities.  This simply frees up more viewing space for viewing these areas of the social network and generally will give a cleaner viewing experience for users.

Finally, there is faster web browsing when you are a Wi-Fi network.  In a separate post that includes a video, Luke outlines how the app can now pre-render thanks to Chrome tabs within the app.

When you’re on an un-metered network (like WiFi), we now pre-render Web pages when you are viewing a post.

You can find the video of this faster browsing below which gives a good example of how this new built-in and automatic feature will work for you.



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