NVIDIA Shield Tablet Gets Marshmallow

NVIDIA has released the promised and much anticipated Android Marshmallow update to the Shield Tablet.  The update was released this morning and referred to as Software Update 4.0 on the NVIDIA support site.

Along with all of the goodies that come with Android Marshmallow, the company has also added or improved several aspects of the tablet.  The first thing users will notice is the updated User Interface.  It has a far more Material Design look to it than in previous releases.


A majority of the release notes on the update focus on the elements that come part of Marshmallow.  This includes things like Adaptive Storage (making your MicroSD card a part of your internal storage), improved permissions and security, the integration of Google Now and an improved camera app for the tablet.

NVIDIA has also done updates as well which includes the camera app but also things like improved battery performance (which Marshmallow certainly helps as well), optimized pre-loaded apps and improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity for the tablet.

Lastly, from a security perspective, this update to the tablet is based on the January 2016 Marshmallow security update.  This is great as you will have the most up-to-date security features – at least for now.  If there is one disappointment it is that the update is on Marshmallow 6.0 and not 6.0.1 but hopefully we will see that update coming soon.

The update will come to your Shield Tablet via an OTA update but you can manually check for the update via the Settings>About Tablet page in Settings.

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