Real Racing 3 Update Brings The Daytona 500

With the 2016 NASCAR season kicking off this weekend in Daytona, Florida, it seems only appropriate that one of the top racing simulator games for Android be updated to get you in on the action.  Real Racing 3 received a healthy update yesterday that allows you to compete in the Daytona 500, considered the “Super Bowl” of stock car racing, and earn four iconic cars from the series.  The update also allows you to race alongside current NASCAR drivers such as Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick and you can compete in The gauntlet to earn a limited edition Richard Petty throwback Ford Fusion.

While the majority of this update to Real Racing 3 does focus on NASCAR, there are a few other updates for those who aren’t as interested in the series.  There is a new special event, the Sixth Element, which will allow you to play and win the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.  All of you hypercar fans now have a goal too in this update.  Another key feature that is really nice in this update is cross device cloud savings.  Now you can easily play on other devices with your same account (such as on your TV in Party Mode) and save your progress.  Saves are no longer just on your mobile

Real Racing 3 NASCAR Update
Real Racing 3


This update to Real Racing 3 is a big one at 57MB so you will want to make sure you have your phone or tablet connected to Wi-Fi to download.  It is available now in the Google Play Store and should come to you via an OTA update.  If you haven’t tried the game before, now is as good a time as any.  It is a free game with in-app purchases but having played this game almost since it was released, I can tell you that you can get quite far without having to spend real money – if you are patient. 🙂

Real Racing 3 – Free (In-App) Purchases – Google Play Store