Snapseed Update Brings Some Nice Improvements

Raise your hand if you remember Snapseed?  Raise your hand if you knew it was owned by Google? My best is many of you didn’t raise your hand on either question because of all the Google owned apps, this one is one of the quiet ones.  That said, a little noise was made today.  Snapseed has been updated to version 2.3 for those keeping score at home and with it has come some pretty nice improvements to arguably one of the best photo editing apps available for the platform.

The update is rolling out to the Google Play Store now and with it comes several improvements and updates that users will appreciate.  First, from filters perspective the Lens Blur filter has been update to recognize faces and automatically apply the blur around them.  Before the process was a manual move to the person’s face and you can of course still do that, but this addition will make things a bit quicker for you.  In my testing for this review, it worked really well and in fact even recognized my cat’s face in a photo. 🙂

The other big filter change is a new one:  Automatic Straighten.  As the name suggest, this filter will automatically level a photo with the horizon of the photo to give you a level photo.  Depending on how much askew your photo is, you could see a little bit of cropping to make the photo level so play around with it to see how it works for some of

Filters in Snapseed

Filters in Snapseed

your photos.

Along with theses changes, Snapseed has now been enabled to be installed on an SD card.  Many apps now have this ability which can save you storage space on your device.  That’s pretty handy if you have a 16GB or smaller device without having to pick-and-choose which apps you have installed at any given time.

There are a few other minor tweaks like improved filter help information in the app but these are the big ones of note and it certainly adds to an already impressive photo editing app.  If you haven’t tried the app, it is free and it is really powerful for what it can do.  Give it a go.

Snapseed for Android – Free – Download Now

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