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This evening I have pushed out an update to the app to the Google Play Store.  The updated version is build 5.0.0 for those keeping score at home and is the first major tweak to the UI since I launched the app back in January.  Now when you open up the app, all of the articles are in a card format instead of a list format.  This makes viewing a bit easier and significantly reduces the amount of scrolling you have to do to get to older posts.  This should make things a bit easier for those of you who have the app loaded on a tablet or large screen phone.

I’ve made a few other minor changes to the way the app behaves to improve performance and load times as well as some other minor UI tweaks.  All-in-all, this is a maintenance update for the most part but I took the opportunity to change the overall flow of the app. App App

To all of you who have downloaded the app, I genuinely appreciate it.  Frankly I wasn’t sure if anyone would download it but nearly 50 of you have – so thank you.  It is really appreciated!  I would also ask that if you encounter any issues with the app to use the Report feature when an app crashes so I can analyze it and improve any issues.  So far only two crashes have been reported (one of which was mine) so I feel like it is on solid ground but any and all crash reports help me.

Also, if you can spare a minute, please do post a review of the app.  Right now it has one review but the more the better.

Look for the update to come to your device via an OTA update over the course of the next day or so as it rolls out. App – Free – Download Now

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