Download The Android N Stock Wallpaper

As you all know, Android N is now available in developer preview (beta) for a select set of Nexus devices.  As I pointed out in my post, it is certainly beta and unless you have a device that you don’t need as your daily driver, you most certainly should wait.  That said, there is no reason you have to wait for the stock wallpaper from N!

I have the wallpaper and I’ve uploaded it to the Wallpaper page for you to download to your devices.  I’ve also put it in this post so you can just pick it up here – but seriously, check out the wallpaper page as I’ve got well over 100 up

Android N

Android N Wallpaper

there now.

The new Android N stock wallpaper is pretty nice.  It is heavy on the pinks as it is a sunrise over a set of gentle hills at the bottom.  It’s a bit minimalist but I personally kind of like it.   Just for the record, the rest of the wallpapers in the build are the same that are in Android Marshmallow which, I suspect, will change once it is officially released in the 2nd half of this year.  As those come into the beta builds over the course of the next few months I will of course add them to the Wallpaper page.

To download the wallpaper from your PC or Chromebook, just click the image then right-click to save it.  From your phone, you can tap it and then long tap to download it and then set it as your wallpaper.


Android N Stock Wallpaper

Android N Stock Wallpaper

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