Google Photos Adds New Smart Albums Feature

Google Photos is getting updated with a new Smart Album feature that will automatically create a new album for you from your latest trip or event.  The update is coming in an update to the Android, iOS and the website for the service starting today.  Users should see an OTA update come to their devices over the course of the next few days with the new feature.

In a post today on the Official Google Blog, the new feature will curate photos from your trip and put them into an album which will also include map points so you can remember where you had that great dinner or party.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Starting today, after an event or trip, Google Photos will suggest a new album for you, curated with just your best shots. It’ll also add maps to show how far you traveled and location pins to remember where you went—because it’s not always easy to recall the late-night diner you hit on your road trip, or which campsite you pitched the tent in when arriving after dark.

You will also be able to add text to photos and you can share the album with others, who can also add their own photos to the album.

While the post doesn’t highlight exactly how this will be presented to users in the app, I suspect it will be generated and show up in the Assistant portion of the app where created videos and animations are shown to users after they are created.



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