Microsoft Updates Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft continues to develop and enhance their apps for Android with one of the newest, Arrow Launcher, getting a healthy update over the weekend.  The updated build is version 1.1.2 for those keeping score at home and there are a lot of fixes, improvements and UI changes in this update to the launcher.  Designed for Android phones, Arrow Launcher gives a mult-page look to your phone that brings things like contacts, widgets, most used apps and reminders within easy reach.

Probably the best news for those who use the launcher is that the overall speed of the app has improved by some 20% according to Microsoft and in my testing, I would say it is at least that much improved.  I use the Arrow Launcher on my OnePlus One and this update is substantially smoother and faster than the previous build.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

The update also brings a couple of things back to the launcher that were removed in the previous build:  App Info button and pagination of Widgets page.  They have also improved the user experience for adding an app to the App Page although it still will not let you resort the apps to your liking.

Overall it is a great update and if you are looking for an alternative launcher for your Android phone, this free one from the Microsoft Garage team is not a bad option.  It still has some growing up to do but Microsoft is taking a lot of user feedback in shaping this app as these updates, most of which were user requested, prove out.

Arrow Launcher is free in the Google Play Store

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