Project Fi Adds Call and Text History to Website

For those of you on Project Fi, there is a great new addition to the service’s website.  Now you can see your call and text history right on the site, including if the call or text was an inbound or outbound communication.  The update came yesterday to the site and while there is no word on if this will make it into the Fi app itself, you can at least for now, go to the web and check out the details.

The new history section is found on the Fi website on the Account tab under the Call & text settings section.  You will now see a new History option which you can click to get to your history.  The history is in decending order so your latest call or text will be at the top.  If you have been texting back and forth with one person, you will see a parenthetical number with the number of texts that

Project Fi Call & Text History

Project Fi Call & Text History

exchange has and a pull-down menu so you can see each of the text messages that went back and forth between you and the other person.  If you had a phone call, you will also be able to see the duration of that call and on any international calls, you will be able to see the rate of that call.

Google did make it clear on a few points about this new feature to Project Fi.

  • Call and text history from before February 4, 2016 is not available

  • Only the most recent 6 months of history will be available at any time

  • Some international usage records may be delayed significantly while we wait for records from our worldwide partners

  • No message content or call audio is stored or shown

Hopefully this will make its way into the Project Fi app as it would be great to have this kind of information at your fingertips.

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