Star Wars The Force Awakens Available April 1 on Google Movies

For those of you who have pre-ordered the digital download of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Google Play Movies & TV, April 1st is going to be a fun day for you.  The good news is that April 1st falls on a Friday so really, if you stay home to cast it on your Chromecast, who’s really going to notice at the office?  🙂  Regardless, Disney announced today that the movie pretty much destroyed all box office records is going to be coming to digital outlets like Movies & TV on the first of next month.

For those of you who had rather have the physical media, the wait is a bit longer:  April 5th.  Then you will be able to pick up the BluRay or DVD versions of the movie in various packages from Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers.  Pre-Orders of the movie started back in December at the height of the crush to see the movie in theaters.  Those pre-orders are still being taken so if you

Star Wars The Force Awakens Pre-Order

Star Wars The Force Awakens Pre-Order

want to order it now, you can still do so in the Movie & TV store.  Note that your credit card or Google account won’t be charged for the movie until it is released to your library on April 1st.  You can cancel at any time prior to that date so you won’t be charged.

This latest edition to the Star Wars franchise has already earned an eye watering $2 billion globally and with digital sales expected to be very high, it will only add to that total.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – $19.99 HD – Google Play Movies & TV (Pre-Order)

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