Android Marshmallow Takes Another Big Step in Install Base

Android Marshmallow has taken another big step forward in the number of devices the platform is install on according to the latest report from Google.  For the week ending April 4, 2016, Marshmallow represented 4.6% of all devices that came to the Google Play Store.  That is a 100% growth over the March figure of 2.3% and is reflective of the significant number of devices that have seen the update come to them or new devices hitting the market.

With the bump up in Marshmallow, the previous versions of Android continue to see declines.  For Android KitKat, last month the install numbers were at 34.3% while this month, that figure

Android Marshmallow Icon Screen

Android Marshmallow

dropped to 33.4%.  For Lollipop, which took over as the most use version of Android last month, the drop was slightly smaller.  Last month, Lollipop was on 36.1% of devices while this month that has dropped to 35.8%.

Between Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, they account for 40.4% of all installs on devices coming to the Google Play Store.  That is up 2% over last month.

Overall, when reading the report, it is good news.  Marshmallow is continuing to make strides in the market and the influx of new devices with the OS already installed will only help matters.  You can read the full report from Google here and get some great insights into how Google accounts for these figures.

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