Chrome Has Over 1 Billion Mobile Users Monthly In Latest Stats From Google

As most readers will know by now, Chrome v50 was released earlier this week and to celebrate the occasion, Google has released some very interesting stats about the browser and its usage.  There are a lot of good tidbits in the infographic shared by the company but the one that sticks out is the number of mobile Chrome users.  In all, there are over 1 billion mobile users of the browser each month.  That is just mobile users alone.  No matter how you slice it, that is an amazingly impressive number.

The other stats shared however are just as impressive and give you an idea of just how far the browser has come since its release on September 2nd, 2008.  Each month, 771 billion page loads are

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android

made using Chrome while the auto complete feature found on the desktop and mobile devices saves users from typing about 500 billion characters each month.  From a data perspective, 2 million gigabytes of data is saved each month using Chrome’s data saving features.  That, according to the company, saves about 26.6 years worth of time, each month, to do things other than waiting for pages to load.  From a simplicity perspective, the browser automatically fills in forms and passwords about 9.1 billion times each month and 145 million uses are saved from malicious websites each month.  Finally, Google has awarded $2.5 million to those who have found bugs or other security issues with the browser as they continue to challenge users to find issues and report them.

The numbers are pretty impressive and back up various reports, including StatCounter, that Chrome is the worlds most popular web browser on any platform.

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