Google Analytics for Android Gets A Material Design Makeover

Over the course of the past couple of years, we have gotten use to seeing apps with a Material Design look, especially those from Google themselves.  However some of the apps they produced have not been made over in Material Design and up until today, Google Analytics was one of them.  This morning the company started rolling out an update that brings a completely revamped look to the app to Android devices.

For those who may not know exactly what Google Analytics is for, it is an app for webmasters so they can keep track of trends, traffic and other key information related to their site.  I use Analytics

Google Analytics for Android

Google Analytics for Android

here on and it is a great way to see where visitors to the site are coming from globally, what devices they are using and so forth.  In fact, Analytics provided key information to me that showed you, visitors to the site, were coming to the site more on mobile devices and that AMP optimization was needed. And that has happened.

Anyway, the Google Analytics update for Android now has a more modern look and feel to it thanks to the Material Design makeover. Information in the app is far more up front and manipulating dates and other key metrics you want to view are much easier now than they were in the old app.

Feature wise, there are a few changes that will be welcomed by users. First, you can now share reports out of the app a bit easier via media such at text and Hangouts. There are also new customizable reports, something that was only available on the Analytics website until now, that will allow you to break down data in a way that works for you.

If you are a user of Google Analytics, this update is one you will want to get on your devices as soon as you can. The look and feel is far more modern and there are some great new features along with it.

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