Google Drive Now Allowing Selective Folder Sync

This one is kind of a big deal folks.  The latest update to Google Drive for PC and Mac will now allow you to selectively sync sub folders within your Google Drive account.  Up until now, you could only select the main folder off the root of your drive.  That works in most cases but there are times where you want some sub folders on your PC but not necessarily the entire sub directory.

Let’s say for example that you have a folder “Work” with “Financials” under it along with a dozen other folders.  In the old Google Drive app for Windows and Mac, you had to sync the entire

Google Drive System Tray Icon

Google Drive System Tray Icon

“Work” folder.  This new update will allow you to sync just the “Financials” folder.  The idea here is that you can be selective and save space on your hard disk yet keep a local copy of files sync’d up with Drive.

The update will require an update to the Windows and Mac Drive apps which is already available.  For those who have it installed already, an update will come to you via OTA to your PC or Mac to enable this new feature.

In addition to this selective folder option, the update will also bring up a new warning if you attempt to move or delete a shared file or folder.  This warning lets you know that if you delete or move the file that sharing functionality to others will be lost.

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