Google Drive Update Brings Inline File Uploading

There is an updated version of Google Drive that has hit the Google Play Store which brings an often requested feature to the app:  The ability to upload files directly to a folder.  The update was announced yesterday by the Google Apps team and it significantly changes the behavior of the app when you are uploading files to the cloud storage service.  Before, when you uploaded a file from your phone, it went to Uploads, a folder that served somewhat as a catch-all.  What this meant was you had to go back into Drive at some point and sort the uploads to your folders in which you wanted to store them.

That all changes with this update to the app.  Now you can select a folder to upload a file to and you will see that folder along with a progress indicator within the app letting you know when an

Google Drive for Android

Google Drive for Android

upload it complete.  It is a far more elegant and useful feature that will save users time from having to resort things once the uploads are complete.

This new feature does require an update to the Google Drive app so until you see the OTA update if you have it installed already, you won’t have this new functionality.

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