Google Maps add 360-Degree Photos to Locations

The latest update to Google Maps is rolling out and with it comes the addition of 360-degree photos when you look at a location.  The update you are looking for is version 9.23.1 for those keeping score at home and should be coming to you via an OTA update if you have the app installed.  The only major change in this update is the addition of 360-degree images.

When you are in Google Maps and you tap on a location, if that location has 360-degree photos available, you will see them in the photo gallery below the vital information for the location.  Not

360-Degree Images in Google Maps

360-Degree Images in Google Maps

every location you view will have these photos but most do these days, either taken by Google themselves or by users like you or me.  Once you find a location that has such a photo, tap on it then navigate around the image my holding your phone in front of you then moving it around to see all around the location.

Adding these types of photos is just another small but important step as we continue the push towards immersive experiences and VR.  Google is at the forefront of that wave and this, logically, is just another natural step.

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