Inbox by Gmail Update Brings Streamlined Event Tracking and Link Saving Features

Google has begun rolling out a new update to Inbox, bringing with it several new features and some key enhancements to the email app.  Inbox by Google continues to develop rapidly as the go-to mail app for Android and these latest updates make it clear that this is the app for the future by the company.  The biggest feature change in this update is streamlined event tracking.  Now when an event has changed, you will see that update in your Inbox so you can view it at a glance.  Tapping on it will give you more details about the event and what has changed.

In a similar way, Newsletters have also been updated in this release.  Now when you get a Newsletter email, you can tap on it and get a preview of the articles in that newsletter.  Once you are done,

Inbox by Google

Inbox by Google

you can close it and the email will minimize back down to save you space in your inbox view.

Finally, there is the ability to save links from articles or other web postings directly to Inbox.  As Google puts it…

Chances are you’ve emailed yourself a link or two (or three)—to an article you want to read later or a recipe you want to try. Now instead of sending yourself a bunch of separate emails, try the new “Save to Inbox” feature to easily save links for later.

The cool thing is, Google has also released a Chrome extension that will allow you to save these links to Inbox from your desktop too.  What is interesting is that Google earlier this week released another Chrome extension that will allow you with a click to save a webpage to Chrome on your desktop.  You can still do that but if you want to save it to Inbox so you can email it to others quickly, you have that option available as well.

These new features will be coming to users as an update to Inbox in the Google Play Store.  If you are an Inbox user, you can expect to see the update hit your devices over the course of the next few days.  If you haven’t tried Inbox, you can download it here from the Store.


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