Marshmallow-Based Cyanogen 13 Comes to The OnePlus One

It has been a long wait and one that more than a few (Clinton raises his hand) thought would happen.  Android Marshmallow has finally comes to the OnePlus One thanks to the release of Cyanogen 13 for the device.  While Cyanogen has been working on Marshmallow for a variety of devices, it wasn’t clear if the OnePlus One, OnePlus’ original phone from 2014, would see it as the companies have parted ways from a business perspective.  For now, at least, those concerns are settled.

The announcement of Cyanogen 13 for the OnePlus One came via Helen in the OnePlus forums.  For those who have the device, you are looking for build ZNH0EAS26M.  The update will come as

OnePlus One

OnePlus One

an OTA update to devices and that should start this week in widespread manner.  These updates, as you all know, are phased out so it make take a few days before you see it on your device.  For those who want to flash their devices directly, you can do so via these links (know what you are doing however!)

Once you get the update on your device, you will have all the benefits of Marshmallow plus the features that Cyanogen throws into their ROMs.  This will include the ability to theme your device, a few more controls in settings and now Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant.

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