OneNote Update Lets You Try Without An Account

Microsoft has released an interesting update to OneNote, their note taking app and service for Android.  In this latest update, version 15.1.6821.4825 for those keeping score at home, you can now use the app without having to sign up for a Microsoft account.  The idea of course is to encourage people to try out the app without forcing them to sign up for a Microsoft account first.  Given that Microsoft is making a big push to move people from Evernote to OneNote, it somewhat makes sense.

For those however who have an Office 365 account, you already have the ability to use OneNote (with your account) so this new feature is solely aimed at attracting new users.  Along with this new

OneNote for Android

OneNote for Android

trial-style setup, there is also a sign out feature built into the app now too.

Along with this updated feature are other miscellaneous bug fixes and other performance improvements.  As is usually the case, there isn’t a lot of detail on what exactly was addressed.  The update is recommended for everyone though so when it comes to your device via an OTA update, go ahead and get it installed.

If you haven’t tried OneNote and are looking for an alternative to Evernote or other solutions, give it a try.  You can download it here and if you do sign up with your Microsoft account, you can sync it easily across all your devices.  As an eight year user of Evernote, I recently made the move over and OneNote is quite the powerful app for collecting your notes, web clips and other content.

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